Does the day-to-day work of serving your pharmacy customers make it difficult to keep up with expired pharmaceutical returns and credits?

The health of your pharmacy customers is your overriding concern. While you focus on customer care and running your business, let Pharma Logistics take care of your pharmaceutical returns. We ensure safe disposal of expired drugs so you’re always legally compliant. Plus, our Rapid Credit Program gets you credits faster, so you can put your money back into your business.

Hassle-Free Pharmaceutical Returns Service

Changing from another vendor to Pharma Logistics is easy and seamless. Choose the returns service that’s best for your pharmacy. Both services are available for pharmacies using either our Rapid Credit Program or our traditional credit program.


Box and Ship

Simply file your DEA 222 forms and pack your unused or expired pharmaceuticals in a box and ship them to us—we’ll take it from there. We provide you with:

  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • Tamper-proof bags
  • DEA 222 request forms


Free up your staff to focus on your customers by using our onsite return services. Our local, bonded Field Service Representatives will come to your pharmacy on your schedule to:

  • Generate paperwork
  • Prepare return for shipping
  • Ensure compliance
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Clear, Real-Time Reporting

Stop worrying about your returns. With our Client Portal, you can easily and quickly check returns and disposal statuses. The portal provides:

  • Information in real-time
  • Line-item reporting
  • Returns tracking
  • Credits tracking
  • Data for planning inventory

Drug Take-Back Program

Our Drug-Take Back Program ensures your customers have a convenient way to properly dispose of over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs and controlled prescription drugs. Disposal also helps to prevent prescription drug abuse, accidental poisoning and environmental hazards such as water contamination.


Time-Saving Inventory Services

Reduce the burden of pharmaceutical logistics and accompanying paperwork by taking advantage of Pharma Logistics’ 3rd-party drug inventory services. Together, with our partner inventory providers, we will customize a pharmaceutical returns inventory program that best fills your needs.

You can pay using credits from your returns, so your budget is never affected. We simply deduct service fees from your credits, so you don’t have to deal with invoices. You can track every transaction 24/7 via our real-time Client Portal.

Rapid Credit Program

Many pharmacies rely on an outside vendor to handle their reverse pharmaceutical distribution process to garner return credits. Often it takes 6-12 months or more to receive credit and potentially longer to reconcile those credits via traditional credit programs.

The Pharma Logistics Rapid Credit Program delivers your credit within 14 days from the date the items are received at our warehouse. It is a powerful enhancement to reverse distribution services. Rapid Credit offers expedited processing for pharmaceutical product returns with both financial and operational benefits to a pharmacy. Meaning, you can boost your cash flow, allowing you to use the money where it is needed to provide the best possible service to your customers service to your customers.

  • Receive your credit faster than through traditional credit programs
  • Boost cash flow and generate reoccurring revenue
  • Upfront payment eliminates time spent on reconciliation
  • The risk of a decrease in product return value, due to changes in manufacturer policies, is transferred from your pharmacy to Pharma Logistics
  • Accurate, predictive calculations of ERV mean higher prefunded payments
  • Use our Rapid Credit Program with both our Onsite and Box and Ship services
  • Online Client Portal for 24/7 data access

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Licenses and Compliance

When you trust Pharma Logistics with your pharmaceutical returns, you’ll get peace of mind that we meticulously follow all state, local and federal laws to keep your pharmacy, practice, hospital or facility legally compliant. We also stay current with all applicable agency regulations, including DEA, DOT, EPA, JCAHO, FDA, IOSH, OIG, OSHA, and HIPAA.

Our staff receives ongoing training keeping them up-to-date on proper procedures. Rely on us:

  • The industry’s first Verified-Accredited Wholesale (VAWD) Distributor
  • Drug Enforcement Agency license for Schedule II–V
  • Licensed or approved in all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No.16 Type 1 attestation
  • Healthcare Distribution Management Association Returns Task Force member
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Environmental Protection Agency Large Quantity Generators status
  • Department of Transportation compliant
RESOURCE: Pharmacy Technician HANDBOOK
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Pharma Logistics handles a wide variety of products. Accepted products include controlled substances (Schedules II–V), expired drugs, recalled drugs, repackaged products and health and beauty products.

If you are ever in doubt concerning a product, our customer care professionals can advise you.

What Our Clients are Saying

"Pharma Logistics has been overwhelmingly easy to work with. They are responsive to questions and provide good communication. This is a completely different experience than in the past with our former vendor. I did not realize things could be so seamless."Teresa Ard | Manager, Global Sourcing, Cardinal Health
"Pharma Logistics is a refreshing change from our previous service provider. The service level and visibility into the returns process that we have with Pharma Logistics was not available with our previous vendor."Claire Arment | Operations Manager, Midwest Family Health
“Pharma Logistics supports us in our mission to consistently provide superior, reliable healthcare services to our patients. Switching to Pharma Logistics’ services eliminated the tedious task of scanning and processing products so our team can focus on providing excellent patient care. They are professional, efficient and easy to work with.”Brenda De Vries | HR Manager/Office Assistant Vyto’s Pharmacy