Manufacturers set the return policies and prices for pharmaceutical reverse distribution. These policies constantly change. At Pharma Logistics, we know it’s critical these policies are regularly monitored to ensure highly accurate estimated return value (ERV). That is why Pharma Logistics maintains strong relationships with all manufacturers.


Wholesalers play an important role in pharmaceutical reverse distribution. In most cases, the wholesaler serves as an intermediary between manufacturers and Pharma Logistics in the credit return process. They receive credits from the manufacturer and pass them along to Pharma Logistics who, in turn, passes them along to you. Having a strong relationship with wholesalers is important to ensure you receive accurate and timely credits.

Pharma Logistics works closely with many wholesalers to guarantee a streamlined process, including:

GPO and IDN Partners

GPOs help healthcare providers, including hospitals and physicians groups, aggregate purchasing and negotiating power to deliver greater savings and discounts. Pharma Logistics works with GPOs to deliver contracted pricing and services for their members to improve the ROI of reverse distribution.

IDNs serve as a formal system of providers and care sites that provide health care services to patients in a defined geographic area. Pharma Logistics works with IDNs to deliver pre-negotiated reverse pharmaceutical distribution services and pricing.

Pharma Logistics’ GPO and IDN Partners include:

Government Partners

Many of the nation’s most prestigious government agencies trust Pharma Logistics to return their expired pharmaceuticals and to keep them compliant so they can focus on providing good healthcare.

Pharma Logistics’ Government Partners include: