Is your pharmacy struggling to deal with pharmaceutical waste? Pharma Logistics’ new PharmaWaste program can help.  

If you’re like most pharmacies, you know that managing pharmaceutical waste is costly and time-consuming. Fail to dispose of it properly, and you could face hefty fines of thousands upon thousands of dollars per day. Not to mention, if things get bad enough, you run the risk of your pharmacy getting shut down.  

Beyond the impact it has on your pharmacy, improper pharmaceutical waste disposal is a danger to others and the environment. Consequences can include: 

  • Contaminated drinking water  
  • Releasing toxins into our airstreams 
  • Killing bacteria required for sewage treatment 
  • Increased drug misuse and abuse  

In order to support public health and make it easier for pharmacies to streamline their pharmaceutical waste disposal, Pharma Logistics has created the PharmaWaste program. 

Simplifying Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal with PharmaWaste  

Pharma Logistics’ PharmaWaste program offers a simple way for you to properly dispose of your pharmaceutical waste without the worry of debilitating fines or regulatory penalties. Instead of leaving the burden with your staff, our pharmaceutical experts will help you to get rid of your waste quickly and efficiently. Examples of acceptable non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste are: 

  • Repacked medications 
  • Compounded pharmaceuticals 
  • IV solution bags  

Our PharmaWaste program can also be combined with any of our pharmaceutical reverse distribution services for complete solution to all of your creditable and non-creditable pharmaceutical management needs. By letting Pharma Logistics handle both your pharmaceutical returns and your pharmaceutical waste disposal, we can help you to: 

  • Free up your pharmacy staff for better patient care 
  • Ensure proper waste handling and disposal  
  • Avoids fines and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations  
  • Mitigate any risk to the environment and people that come from improper handling  

PharmaWaste’s eco-friendly waste-disposal solution is available for current Pharma Logistics Reverse Distribution customers. Learn more PharmaWaste and our pharmaceutical waste disposal services or get started by ordering your first kit today.