CHICAGO – August 14, 2020 — Pharma Logistics introduces Rapid Credit ROI Calculator for pharmacies to calculate their expected return value from the company’s Rapid Credit Program.

The new calculator, available at, yields expected credit value based on average scripts per day or annual pharmacy spend derived from extensive research into spend per scripts, spend on expired products and the percent of returnable products that pharmacies have.

“Pharmacies may already have a program for returning expired pharmaceuticals, but there may be opportunities to improve credit turnaround, reconciliation time and return on investment,” said Michael Zaccaro, President and CEO of Pharma Logistics. “Gaining greater visibility and predictability into your pharmacy’s returns helps you manage cash flow effectively; our new calculator helps pharmacies understand what to expect, allowing them to make informed, data-driven decisions around on their reverse distribution program and pharmacy spend.”

Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program is a powerful enhancement to the company’s reverse distribution services. It offers expedited processing for expired pharmaceutical returns that benefit the finances and operations of a pharmacy with reimbursement within 14 days.

Click below for information on the Rapid Credit Program and to use the calculator.