Pharma Logistics is proud to announce a groundbreaking achievement – winning the highly coveted Department of Defense (DoD) pharmaceutical reverse distribution contract worth $45 million. This five-year contract reflects our commitment to excellence and highlights the vital role we will play in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of pharmaceutical supply chains for all branches of the military. In this blog post, we’re excited to share the key highlights of this remarkable contract and what it means for Pharma Logistics and the Department of Defense.


Compliance and Security: Protecting Pharmaceuticals and the Environment

One of the cornerstones of this contract is our unwavering commitment to compliance and security. Pharma Logistics will meticulously ensure that all pharmaceutical returns are handled in strict accordance with regulatory requirements set forth by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and state and federal agencies.

Our paramount concern is the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of expired medications. By adhering to the highest standards of compliance, we protect public health and safeguard the environment. This commitment reflects Pharma Logistics’ dedication to ensuring that pharmaceuticals are managed with the utmost care and responsibility, a duty we take very seriously.

Cost Savings: A Win-Win for Healthcare and Fiscal Responsibility

The DoD recognizes our services’ immense value in helping reduce healthcare costs. By efficiently managing expired pharmaceutical inventory, Pharma Logistics will contribute to significant cost savings within the military healthcare system. This means that valuable resources can be redirected to other critical areas, enhancing the overall efficiency of healthcare operations within the military.

Our role in driving cost savings aligns perfectly with our mission to make pharmaceutical logistics more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. Pharma Logistics is honored to support the Department of Defense in its mission to deliver quality healthcare to our service members while simultaneously demonstrating fiscal responsibility.


International Coverage: Expanding Our Reach Globally

This contract isn’t limited to U.S. soil. It extends Pharma Logistics’ services to thousands of military installations across the globe, including Europe, the Pacific Rim, and the Middle East. This global reach underscores our ability to handle complex logistics and regulatory challenges across diverse geographic regions.

Expanding our reach internationally allows us to support the healthcare needs of U.S. military personnel stationed worldwide. It emphasizes our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of military personnel, regardless of their location. This global extension is a testament to our capabilities and expertise in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, solidifying Pharma Logistics as a trusted partner in healthcare logistics on a global scale.



Winning the $45 million DoD pharmaceutical reverse distribution contract is a momentous achievement for Pharma Logistics. It reaffirms our dedication to compliance, security, and cost savings while expanding our reach globally. This contract underscores our commitment to ensuring the integrity and efficiency of pharmaceutical supply chains for the U.S. military, ultimately contributing to the well-being of our service members and the responsible management of healthcare resources. At Pharma Logistics, we are excited to embark on this journey with the Department of Defense and look forward to positively impacting military healthcare operations for years to come.


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We invite you to read our official press release for more details on this remarkable achievement here