With the deadline of the new USP 800 ruling for hazardous waste compliance drawing near, it’s important to understand what this means for you and your facility.  It’s also equally important to be prepared.  One of the most significant changes that the ruling brings is the addition of a supervisor position to ensure all standards are met.

The new USP <800> ruling for hazardous waste compliance is setting new standards for organizations to designate a compounding supervisor. This new position is responsible for developing and implementing proper procedures and compliance.

The compounding supervisor must:

  • Be qualified and trained in the hazardous drugs (HD) handling process
  • Understand the need for HD risk-prevention policies
  • Know the risks to those who may come in contact with HDs
  • Recognize the risk of noncompliance

Designated Areas

HDs must be handled under conditions that promote safety. This entails having the proper procedures, protocols, and equipment that ensure the protection of workers, patients, and the public.

The chart below outlines the requirements of each designated area.

For more information on how to remain compliant, check out our series of blogs on the USP General Chapter <800> on our website.  You can also download our free handbook.