A program is only as good as the people behind it. When you sign on for Pharma Logistics’ Reverse Distribution program or any of our other services, you can count on our Customer Advocate Team to address all of your needs and guide you through every step of the process.

With the importance that we place on customer support and service, Pharma Logistics seeks to not just act as another vendor, but integrate into your systems as a true partner to your hospital’s pharmacy. After understanding the ins and outs of your hospital, our Customer Advocate Team will enable:

  • Seamless drug returns
  • 24/7 feedback and support
  • Expert-level troubleshooting
  • Optimal staff utilization

Why is Service So Important?

Service is critical to fully realizing the benefits of reverse distribution. Quality service and a reliable customer support team can mean the difference between a seamless reverse distribution program with high returns, and a backlog of unusable drugs burning a hole in your pocket.

The importance of service largely comes down to two main aspects: ease and expertise. Not only are customer advocacy teams champions of efficiency and support, but they also have the expertise and knowledge of your specific healthcare system to optimize your return process. Only with the expertise of Pharma Logistics’ Customer Advocate Team can you uncover potential problems or find other sources of drug takeback opportunities that a standard reverse distribution process might miss.

The Pharma Logistics Advantage

Here at Pharma Logistics, your personal Customer Advocate works as an extension of your hospital. They are well-integrated into your systems and are always looking out for your hospital’s best interests.

Here is what sets our Customer Advocate Team apart:

On-Demand Communication

When you have a question or an issue, other services often make you wait for a reply. Phone calls often force you to go through a call tree just to end up in someone’s voicemail box, while emails can take a day or more to get a reply.

At Pharma Logistics, we place a high priority on inbound communication. If you give us a call, you can expect a real person to pick up within two rings – no call trees or voicemails. When you email us, we’ll get back to you within two hours or less. You can also contact us through our online chat, where response times are under 15 seconds.

The importance that we place on communication applies to your Customer Advocate reaching out to you as well. You can expect your Customer Advocate to follow up by phone or email after every service event, answering your questions and providing helpful reports.

Industry Experience and Expertise

With Pharma Logistics’ background in healthcare and the reverse distribution process, you can expect your Customer Advocate to be well-trained and experienced in your hospital’s systems. Rather than put all the burden on your internal team, your Customer Advocate will act as the liaison between your hospital and Pharma Logistics, handling everything from outbound communications to accounting.

Your Customer Advocate will also provide both site-level and corporate-level insights, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Our Customer Advocates take a provocative to problem resolution, monitoring when jobs are processed and reaching out if there is ever any abnormal activity.

First-Contact Resolution

The ultimate goal of our Customer Advocate Team is first-contact resolution. The costly and time-consuming back-and-forth you get with typical vendors serves no place in any hospital. No matter what the issue is, our Customer Advocate Team can find a solution quickly and efficiently.