CHICAGO – March 20, 2019 — Pharma Logistics and PDM Healthcare jointly announce the offering of Pharma Logistics reverse pharmaceutical distribution services.

Pharma Logistics’ services are focused on compliance, convenience and affordability, while offering insight and analytics on the pharmaceutical returns process.

Founded in 1991, PDM Healthcare is a national healthcare service firm that provides group purchasing, supply chain management, business development, marketing/advertising, and education services to the healthcare industry.

This partnership gives PDM Healthcare members access to Pharma Logistics’ traditional and Rapid Credit Program Box and Ship services. The Box and Ship services provide pharmacies the ability to box up their returnable drugs and ship them to Pharma Logistics for hassle-free returns. Box and Ship services with the Rapid Credit Program deliver the return credit within as few as 14 days from when the returnable products are received at the warehouse.

“We’re proud to be able to provide our Box and Ship services to PDM’s pharmacy members, allowing them to maximize their staff efficiency and streamline budgets, while maintaining compliance with the local, state and federal regulations that govern their operations,” said Michael Zaccaro, president and CEO of Pharma Logistics.

“We look forward to working with Pharma Logistics to offer valuable, easy-to-use, and highly professional returns service to our members, allowing them to continue to improve their revenue models, operational efficiency, and ultimately patient care,” stated Ash Chawla, MS, RPh, chairman and CEO of PDM Healthcare.