The recently passed EPA regulation on hazardous waste pharmaceuticals may leave you with questions on what is now considered a creditable material vs a non-creditable material. At Pharma Logistics, our goal is to ensure your compliance while helping you get the credit you deserve on returnable materials.

To help you understand the new EPA regulation and what it means for you, the following is an overview of four important takeaways. You can access the full list of “Things You Need to Know” by downloading our infographic.

1. The EPA defines three categories for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals:

  • Non-creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals
  • Potentially creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals
  • Evaluated hazardous waste pharmaceuticals

2. New regulations for non-creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals include:

  • Broken or leaking
  • Repackaged
  •  Dispensed
  • Expired >1 year
  • Investigational new drugs
  • Contaminated PPE
  • Floor sweepings
  • Clean-up material

3. New regulations for potentially -creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals include:

  • Original manufacturer packaging (except recalls)
  • Undispensed
  • Unexpired or less than 1-year past expiration

4.  New regulations for evaluated hazardous waste pharmaceuticals include:

  • No further evaluation or verification of manufacturer credit is necessary

To access the full list, download our infographic on 10 Things You Need to Know About the New EPA Ruling on Hazardous Waste Materials.

Download the Infographic