“Nearly half of all patients (46%) say they use telehealth for some visits, compared to just 11% in 2019. …(And) 83% of patients say they are likely to continue using telemedicine after COVID-19.” – Pharmacy Times 

Since the temporary expansion and relaxation of telehealth regulations in March of 2020, patients have flocked to this technology as a safe, secure way to access healthcare. Now is the time for your business to invest in high-quality telehealth solutions and pharmacy IT infrastructure to be seen as an integral part of this trend. By offering a safe and easy way for your pharmacists and technicians to communicate with your patients, you create a proactive venue for discussion 

More frequent decisions with patients via telehealth solutions allow pharmacists to dive deeper than just a patient’s electronic health record. This gives your team a better understanding of the patient’s individual needs and goals, giving a full view of a drug’s impact. Having more intuitive and easy-to-use patient portals can further the patient-to-pharmacist relationship, allowing patients access to a full view of their care from the comfort of their own homes. Patient portals can also be easily referenced during virtual visits for more efficient communication.  

Better communication is also important between pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. By incorporating regular assessments and touch bases each month, care teams can more easily address any adverse drug effects and capture real-world evidence around a condition, therapy, and the patient’s well-being. 

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