Authored by: Kendal Spoerl – Customer Advocate, Paul Byrd – Assistant Sales Manager

Continually re-evaluating vendors is one of the keys to a successful pharmacy business.  Is your current vendor meeting YOUR performance standards, helping you lower costs or improve profitability?  Once this question is answered, you must ask yourself – how easy is it to change? Will your staff be able to adapt? Is there 3 feet of paperwork you must sign before you start benefitting from the new vendor? There’s a lot to consider, and we get it.

Luckily, Pharma Logistics has a streamlined onboarding process for new customers. It all begins at the point of signing up. Whether you are working with one of our sales representatives or signing up through our website, the one-page customer registration form makes it fast and easy for our customers to initiate the process of registering a new account.

All you need to do is simply share the following information and we will take it from there:

  1. Your facility’s DEA license number
  2. State license number
  3. Wholesaler Name
  4. Wholesaler distribution center location, and
  5. Wholesaler account number

Once your account is signed up with Pharma Logistics, your dedicated customer advocate will send a welcome email with your customer code, username, and password, to access our customer portal.

For our Box & Ship customers, Pharma Logistics will send out shipping supplies, including:

  • Boxes
  • Tamper-proof bags
  • Liners
  • Dot stickers for hazardous items
  • 3-5 inventory forms
  • C2 request forms
  • Return shipping instructions

For our Onsite customers, your customer advocate will send your account information to our scheduling routers to get your facility scheduled for service. Your Field Service Representative who will be servicing your facility will contact you to introduce themselves, and go over our onsite process and your scheduled service date.

You’ve signed up, so now what?

For our Box & Ship customers, you will log in to our Customer Portal to complete your inventory manifest online for both your non-control and controlled items. Once completed, simply package up your returns and ship them.


Pro-tip – you can also request additional supplies right on the portal!’


For our Onsite customers, your Field Service Representative will come onsite and inventory your scheduled 3-5 and C2 items. They will box up your non-controlled items and send everything back to our processing center through UPS. Your Field Service Representative will provide an inventory list of your controls before leaving your facility and the pickup request number for your scheduled UPS Pickup.

After your first job is processed with Pharma Logistics, your reporting will be uploaded to our user-friendly customer portal. Here, you’ll have access to in-depth, robust reporting, including everything that was returned to us, what was deemed returnable and non-returnable (based on manufacturers’ policy), and your expected return value for your returnable items.


Pro-tip – Take advantage of our Customer Portal, where you and your team can review analytics to optimize your business processes and improve your team’s efficiency.


Changing vendors in any category of your business can seem daunting but choosing to partner with Pharma Logistics can make it super easy to complete the onboarding process. After helping retail, hospital, and government pharmacies for over 26 years, the question doesn’t need to be, “How hard is it to change reverse distribution vendors?”, but “How quickly can I sign up?”