At Pharma Logistics we understand that making the right business decisions is critical to your profitability.  We also know that to do that, you need a clear view of all the relevant data.  That’s why we’re handing you the keys to real-time, item-level visibility on every pharmaceutical return so you don’t lose money.
Our customer portal grants you unmatched visibility to the returns process by connecting you with the right data and demonstrating how to use it. Having timely data and analytics is essential to the success of your business because it helps to ensure that you have the right inventory, that your team is operating efficiently, and that your patients are receiving optimal care. Without data, you’d be flying blind.
Benefits of the Pharma Logistics’ Dashboard include:

  • 24/7, enterprise-level access
  • Customizable reporting
  • Easy to read and understand Reconciliation Dashboard.
  • On-demand reporting searchable by site, date, job and NDC
  • Complete tracking of your returns from our processing center to the credit disbursement

No IT integration required. Pharma Logistics provides you analytics and a new dashboard highlighting each return project, manufacturer payouts, and where your credit is in the process. And all the data can be exported to support compliance and financial reporting.
Some of the key features include::

  • Dashboard showing status of all returns
  • Line-item reporting
  • Credit reconciliation
  • Monthly credit disbursement
  • Estimated Return Value (ERV) calculation

The Visible Difference

It’s hard to make business decisions and review your expected return value without real-time insight into the process revenue.  Not every vendor provides this. Only Pharma Logistics includes 24/7 access to live analytics through our Online Client Portal.  Discover the visible difference today with Pharma Logistics.