What works best for you?

Pharmacies have many choices for reverse pharmaceutical distribution. Often, it’s hard to understand the differences and weigh their value to your bottom line. Pharma Logistics offers both Box and Ship and Onsite services for pharmacies and hospitals across the country. For many pharmacies, these services help communities reduce pharmaceutical waste from unused and expired drugs.

Both our Quick Ship and Onsite Pickup options enable healthcare providers to manage drug returns in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. And put their focus back on patient care and customer service.

Not sure whether Box and Ship or Onsite service is right for your pharmaceutical supply chain management needs? Read on to learn more about the two options.

Box and Ship

Save money and mail returns at your own convenience with our Box and Ship service.

With Box and Ship, hospitals and pharmacies can send unsalable pharmaceutical returns at their convenience. We provide everything you need, including forms, prepaid shipping labels, and boxes, in advance. Simply pack up your returns and mail them to us; we will take care of the rest. Box and Ship is ideal for pharmacies seeking to reduce reverse distributor costs.

Onsite Service

Reduce the burden on company staff with Pharma Logistics’ Onsite service.

Are your employees too burdened by inventory returns? If your staff is overworked by packaging unsalable medications and filling out forms, Pharma Logistics’ Onsite service option is ideal for you. With Onsite service, our staff handles all aspects of the returns process, such as packaging products and filling out paperwork. For an additional fee, our staff can walk your shelves to conduct inventory checks and verify expiration dates, and remove any products that you can’t dispense. Our staff fills out all relevant forms and paperwork, with same-day completion of DEA Form 222, as well as completion of other forms such as DEA Form 41. With Onsite service, your employees can focus on patient care rather than packing materials.

Whether you choose Box and Ship or Onsite, Pharma Logistics handles your pharmaceutical returns quickly and efficiently, and manufacturer credits are conveniently disbursed as a check. To learn more tips to improve Pharmacy performance, check out the Pharmacy Technician Handbook. It is available as a free download.