As a pharmacy technician, a key function of your job is inventory management. And the pharmaceutical drug return process is an important part of inventory management:

  1. The first step in the returns process is clearing your pharmacy’s shelves of expired, damaged, or otherwise unsalable inventory.
  2. The next step is sending back returnable items to the manufacturer or wholesaler for credit and arranging for the proper disposal of non-returnable items in compliance with federal laws.
  3. Return credits are then sent back to your pharmacy as coordinated by the reverse distributor.

This Is Quite a Bit of Work. Some pharmacy teams choose to handle this work themselves.

Reverse Distribution Process

But Did You Know That There Are Reverse Distribution Services Available to Handle Most of These Steps for You?

Pharma Logistics offers service options to help you and your pharmacy team to:

  • Clear your inventory of unsalable items and return them for credit or send them for disposal.
  • Provide chain of custody and compliance with DEA Form 41 for the removal and disposal of controlled substances.
  • Quickly track the status of returns and credits with a self-service tool that’s easy to use and provides visibility into the overall process

With Pharma Logistics From packaging to disbursement, your entire expired drug return process is completely handled—with clear and easy tracking  every step of the way

Reverse Distribution Process with Pharma Logistics

To learn more about a Pharmacy Technician’s role in and how Pharma Logistics can help, download our handbook.

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